Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks then you will probably know that Morphe and Jaclyn Hill have finally released the palette they collaborated on together and its kind of a big deal! The makeup world had literally been waiting for this to drop for months! Finally the palette was released on June 21st at 4pm UK time and it sold out in less than an hour, despite Jaclyn herself saying that they had enough stock to last at least a week. The palette is still out of stock now but Morphe have said it will be back soon so if you didn’t manage to get hold of one don’t panic just yet! The price of this palette is $38 (roughly £30) and of course if you are in the UK then you will need to pay shipping ($24!!!!!) and customs. As it stands at the moment this palette is only available on the Morphe website with Morphe themselves saying that this will be the only place that it will be being sold for the foreseeable future.

The actual palette itself is completely different to the usual black plastic Morphe palette we know and love, instead they have opted for a sleek white cardboard with silver letter embossed across the front.

  When you open up the palette – which is silver on the inside – on the inside cover is a sweet little message from Jaclyn which says ‘This palette is dedicated to all my loving subscribers, xo Jaclyn’ which I think is a super cute touch.

The eyeshadows themselves are, in my opinion, absolutely beautiful. There are 35 pans in total featuring a mix of shimmers and mattes. Lots of really pretty neutral tones and then 4 really stunning blue/purple/green shades in that bottom left corner. After swatching the eyeshadows  I was very impressed. They all swatch really well and as you will see from my swatches below they are super pigmented.

The swatches are all from one swipe of my finger against my arm so, again in my opinion, I find these really impressive. I will say about the shimmer shades that they are a shimmer formula and they do have a little bit of fallout which is to be expected so when applying them I would recommend using a patting motion instead of swiping across the eyelid and I will also be using an eyelid primer with these shades as well. The shades that Jaclyn has chosen to put in this palette are so versatile and it will be so easy to create lots of different looks using just this palette alone, which is great because there’s nothing more annoying than having to get out a separate palette just for a matte crease colour.

I am, quite obviously, in love with this palette, it is just crammed full of beautiful warm toned colours which I absolutely adore! If you are more into cool tone looks then this might not be for you, but if like me you are a warm tone junkie then you probably can’t wait to rub these all over your face! Well not quite but you know what I mean! I am definitely looking forward to creating lots of different looks with these colours. 

Rachel xoxo

Review Of The Jeffree Star x MannyMUA Makeup Collaboration

When Jeffree Star and Manny MUA announced that they were doing a collaboration for Jeffree’s cosmetics line the makeup world went a bit mad! Then Manny kept leaving a Skin Frost in black packaging ‘accidentally’ in his social media pictures everyone was speculating what shade would it be? What else would be in the collab? Would it be sold in the UK? Manny himself said that it would be ‘something that you wouldn’t expect from him’. At first when it was announced that it would be available in the UK from Beauty Bay it was said that it would be only as single items and not in the Limited Edition Bundle Packaging. Of course everyone was a bit disappointed about this as it would mean if you wanted it, you would need to buy it directly from Jeffree’s site and would most probably get stung by customs, but then weirdly enough it just seemed to appear on Beauty Bay well after release date and I was just too tempted to miss out. 

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the packaging, the black and silver is just such a classic combination and the fact that it’s holographic just screams out to me. It’s just so sleek and it makes it look so luxurious and expensive (which I suppose st £55 it is!).

Once you remove the sleeve and open up the box, inside you will find 2 Velour Liquid Lipsticks and a Skin Frost, each individually boxed. 

Now if you’ve purchased a Jeffree Star Skin Frost before you will know that they are absolutely HUGE. Like literally the biggest highlight EVER. Usually when purchased alone they retail at around £25 and when you consider the size that’s not that bad.

The highlight in the Jeffree x Manny Collab is in the Shade Eclipse and it’s a really pretty Icy Muted Peach shade in the pan and when swatched, in my opinion, that translates really nicely. If I am completely honest I would have hoped for a little more pigmentation from this but it’s still a lovely colour and very buildable.

The Velour Liquid Lipsticks in the Jeffree x Manny Collaboration are called Daddy, which is a cool toned brown and I’m Shook, which is a burnt red tone. Below I have included swatches of them both Wet and Dry just to see if there is much difference in the colours once they dry.

I don’t think there is difference at all between the Wet and Dry swatches which is good because it’s very annoying when you buy a lipstick thinking it’s one colour and it turns out completely different once dry – of course your own skins undertones can play a part in this. My favourite out of the two colours is Im Shook, I just think it’s a really easy red to wear during the day because its not too bright or in your face. 

Overall I’m quite happy with the Jeffree Star x MannyMUA Collaboration and I’m definitely glad I have it in my collection. 

What do you think of this Collab? Did you manage to get hold of it? 

Rachel xoxo