Review Of The Jeffree Star x MannyMUA Makeup Collaboration

When Jeffree Star and Manny MUA announced that they were doing a collaboration for Jeffree’s cosmetics line the makeup world went a bit mad! Then Manny kept leaving a Skin Frost in black packaging ‘accidentally’ in his social media pictures everyone was speculating what shade would it be? What else would be in the collab? Would it be sold in the UK? Manny himself said that it would be ‘something that you wouldn’t expect from him’. At first when it was announced that it would be available in the UK from Beauty Bay it was said that it would be only as single items and not in the Limited Edition Bundle Packaging. Of course everyone was a bit disappointed about this as it would mean if you wanted it, you would need to buy it directly from Jeffree’s site and would most probably get stung by customs, but then weirdly enough it just seemed to appear on Beauty Bay well after release date and I was just too tempted to miss out. 

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the packaging, the black and silver is just such a classic combination and the fact that it’s holographic just screams out to me. It’s just so sleek and it makes it look so luxurious and expensive (which I suppose st £55 it is!).

Once you remove the sleeve and open up the box, inside you will find 2 Velour Liquid Lipsticks and a Skin Frost, each individually boxed. 

Now if you’ve purchased a Jeffree Star Skin Frost before you will know that they are absolutely HUGE. Like literally the biggest highlight EVER. Usually when purchased alone they retail at around £25 and when you consider the size that’s not that bad.

The highlight in the Jeffree x Manny Collab is in the Shade Eclipse and it’s a really pretty Icy Muted Peach shade in the pan and when swatched, in my opinion, that translates really nicely. If I am completely honest I would have hoped for a little more pigmentation from this but it’s still a lovely colour and very buildable.

The Velour Liquid Lipsticks in the Jeffree x Manny Collaboration are called Daddy, which is a cool toned brown and I’m Shook, which is a burnt red tone. Below I have included swatches of them both Wet and Dry just to see if there is much difference in the colours once they dry.

I don’t think there is difference at all between the Wet and Dry swatches which is good because it’s very annoying when you buy a lipstick thinking it’s one colour and it turns out completely different once dry – of course your own skins undertones can play a part in this. My favourite out of the two colours is Im Shook, I just think it’s a really easy red to wear during the day because its not too bright or in your face. 

Overall I’m quite happy with the Jeffree Star x MannyMUA Collaboration and I’m definitely glad I have it in my collection. 

What do you think of this Collab? Did you manage to get hold of it? 

Rachel xoxo

Beauty Pie Subscription Service

‘Beauty Pie? what’s that ?!’ I hear you say. Well I’m going to tell you! It’s a relatively new beauty subscription service….but with a difference. As you know, lately I have been very underwhelmed with my beauty box subscriptions, I had cancelled a few and was on the look out for something new to replace them. That’s when I discovered Beauty Pie. Now I’ll be honest, it took me a while to get my head around the concept because it is a bit different than your standard beauty box subscription. Basically you pay £10 a month (with a minimum of 3 months subscription) for the opportunity to be able to shop the Beauty Pie website at cost price. For your £10, each month they give you the opportunity to buy up to £100 worth of products for just the factory price it costs them to make it. Plus, if one month you don’t want to buy anything that £100 will roll over to next month and then you will be able to buy £200 worth of products at cost price the next month. Also, as an added bonus, for the first month they give you an extra £50 on top of the £100 just in case you want to go a bit crazy! 

So what did I get with my first months allowance of £150 and how much did it cost me……

First up I chose the Great Skin Foundation, the price to buy this without a Beauty Pie subscription (which you can do if you want to!) is £30, but with a subscription you pay £5.06. Next I chose the One Powder Wonder Pressed Powder. On the website this looked amazing and I was really excited to get this and have a look at it in real life and I have to say I was not disappointed, it is just so pretty. The price of the One Powder Wonder is £26 but with a subscription you pay £3.68. The next thing I chose was the Quantum Bronzer and if I thought the Powder was pretty I should have seen this first! It is such a pretty shade and in the pan it is gradient from a deeper shade to a lighter shade, it is just absolutely stunning. The Quantum Bronzer is £26 without a subscription or £3 with one. After the Bronzer and the Powder had wowed me I went straight to the Blushers and I was eager to chose one to try. I couldn’t decide so I ended up choosing 2 of the Smart Powder Blushes at £2.51 each or £18 without a subscription. Lastly I chose 2 of the Moisture Lock Wondergel Lip Liners (mainly to use up the last of my first months £150 allowance) and I chose the shades Foxy and Love Nest, these are £15 each without a subscription or £1.47 each with one. Altogether including shipping my order total (not including the £10 original subscription price) was £27.63 which in my opinion is not bad for 7 items. 

So what did I think of the items once I had received them? Well the first thing I noticed was the packaging. Beauty Pie themselves say that the items are in ‘no frills’ packaging and that you might notice that products feel a lot lighter than you may usually expect. That is because they are trying to keep the cost price of the items down. Now because of that I did not have high expections for the packaging, in fact I was more than prepared to decant the foundation into a better bottle and depot the powder products into my Z Palette, however to my surprise when they arrived I need not have worried. The foundation was in a good quality glass bottle with a pump – I was expecting a plastic bottle – and the compact products, whilst yes they were lighter slightly, they are in perfectly functioning packing that I am confident will fair well in the bottom of my makeup bag. Also something that I wasn’t expecting was for each item to have its own individual box – you don’t get that from a lot of other brands and you certainly pay a lot more! In fact I felt like Beauty Pie were selling themselves short by saying that and so I messaged them on Facebook and told them exactly that! 

With regards to the quality of the makeup itself I am more than happy, in particular with the Quantum Bronzer (it is absolutely beautiful and if you do decide to join the service you MUST get it! I insist!). The products are easy to use, very pretty and have great pigmentation. They are also great sizes, I mean the Bronzer is HUGE! 

At the time when I ordered there wasn’t that many products to choose from however they have already added more and they say they will be doing so throughout that year. 

I have high hopes for this subscription service and I look forward to the new items that they launch. I hope it continues to the same standard because I can see Beauty Pie becoming something really big. 

Rachel xoxo 

(Just a quick edit to add that this is NOT a sponsored post – I chose and paid for all items I recieved and this is my genuine opinion on the Beauty Pie Subscription Service)

My Little Sephora Haul 

If you follow me on Instagram (@_rachelbeauty) you will know, because I haven’t shut up about it for weeks, that recently my friend Dani went to New York for New Years and she very kindly offered to bring me some goodies back from Sephora. So we saved up for a while, she went shopping and a few days ago, when she got back, she posted me what she’d got. We both have the same taste in makeup and I was pretty sure that whatever she picked up I would love. We did say beforehand what we wanted but obviously without being there we had no idea what would still be in stock or what other items they had in that would be better. So here’s what I got…

The first thing I got out of the box when I had opened it was the Tarte Tartiest Pro Amazonian Clay Palette. This was something that I asked for, in fact this was probably the item that I wanted the most out of everything and so as you can imagine when I realised this was in the box I was VERY happy. As soon as I got it out of the box I could smell the sweet chocolate scent that the eyeshadows smell of and let me tell you – it is absolutely divine! I think everything in the world should smell like this lol! This palette is a bit on the expensive side retailing at $53 (around £43), but it’s totally worth it in my opinion. 

The next thing in the box was the Laura Mercier Eye Artist Palette and this again is quite pricey, retailing at $55 (around £45). I’ll be honest, I can’t even remember if this was something that was on my list but I’m so happy with it. These are totally my colours and after a quick swatch they are really pigmented so I’m looking forward to creating some looks with this palette.

I’ve been wanting to try GlamGlow for a while now and so I was happy to see that Dani had picked me up the GlamGlow Dream Duo Overnight Transforming Treatment. I mean, look at that packaging! It just screams Hollywood! When I took this out of the box and popped off the lid I was hit by the most amazing orangey scent. This is a two part treatment and I used it the night I got it. The tub is split into two sides and you apply the first cream to your face, wait for 30 seconds and then apply the second cream. It’s really simple and not time consuming, which is important to me because having young children I don’t get a whole lot of pamper time! The next day when I woke up my skin felt so plump and nourished. I was really impressed. This GlamGlow treatment retails at $59 (around £48) and in my opinion it’s totally worth the splurge! 

Another great Palette that Dani sent me was the Nars x Sarah Moon Give In Take Palette. This is a Sephora exclusive and I’m so glad she picked me this up because it’s just so pretty. It has 6 eyeshadow shades, a highlight, a bronzer and a blush and they are so buttery & smooth. This retails at $69 (around £57) making it the most expensive item of the bunch, but again totally worth it. 

Dani also sent me a Tarte Paint Pot Eyeliner Duo and she sent me a message saying that she had seen these on special offer and picked them up because she thought they were a great product for me to practice doing my eyeliner with – I’m really terrible at it and I do need the practice! So that was a nice item to find in the box. Along with the other bits in the box there was also a little EOS lipbalm. I’ve had a strawberry one of these before and it smelt so good so I’m excited to see how this one smells. 

I’ve saved the best things to show you until last! These are the best because these 3 items that I have are my Christmas pressie from Dani. So I have the Too Faced Queen Size Mascara, a GlamGlow PoutMud Lip Treatment and a gorgeous Sephora Makeup Bag. I love Too Faced products so I’m excited to try the mascara out – I’ve only ever used a sample sized Waterproof Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara before and I loved it so I’m sure I will love this too! The GlamGlow PoutMud Lip Treatment I used at the same time as the GlamGlow Overnight Transforming Treatment and I instantly fell in love with it as soon as I applied it because it smells and tastes like  Peppermint Candy Canes – OMG just delicious. I didn’t work out the price of these because as they were a gift I feel like it would have been rudest to be honest it doesn’t matter to be what they cost, although GlamGlow & Too Faced let’s face it are not going to be cheap! 

So that’s my little Sephora Haul and I’m sure you can tell that I am absolutely delighted with everything I got. I’m also super grateful to Dani for offering to pick me up some goodies and also for my Christmas gifts too!

Rachel xoxo