Blogger’s Beauty Brawl – Day 3

Day 3 of the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl is Eyeliner and for this I have chosen to review the Glo & Ray Longwear Precision Liquid Eyeliner.


The Glo & Ray Longwear Precision Liquid Eyeliner is a liquid formula (obviously!) in a felt tip style pen. This means it is great for precise application. I found that this easily glides along my eyelid to create a smooth, neat line. It doesn’t drag across the skin and the felt tip style applicator ensures that the perfect amount is applied. The actual eyeliner itself is a deep, dark, pigmented black – just how a black should be! I have scored this an 81 out of 100.


The packaging is pretty much what you would expect for this type of product – sleek black tube, white logo/writing and a felt tip style nib. There’s not really much else to say about it except that it works! I have scored the Glo & Ray Longwear Precison Liquid Eyeliner an 85 for Packaging.


You can find this eyeliner on for £6.90 and in my opinion that is just about what I’d expect to pay. I think this is great value for money and for that reason I have scored this an 87.

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Thanks for reading and don’t forget to pop back tomorrow for Day 4 of the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl 2017

Rachel xoxo

With thanks to Emma Drury, who has very kindly provided all the graphics and branding you will see throughout the Brawl.