Blogger’s Beauty Brawl 2017 – Day 2 

Day 2 of the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl is Brow Product and for this catogory I have chosen the Eyelure Brow Amplifier.


The Eyelure Brow Amplifier is a fibre gel formula. It’s quite thick and therefore it does tend to come out a little bit clumpy on the wand, however a quick wipe on the side of the top as you pull it out of the tube soon sorts that out. I actually quite like this – it makes my brows look fuller and it dries down to set my eyebrows in place nicely. It helps me to create a natural looking brow that lasts well throughout the day. I do however have one problem with it and funnily enough it’s the same problem I have with most brow products I try – the colour! I chose the shade No.30 Blonde, as I would usually choose. Now the problem I have is that Blonde always seems to have a ginger tone to it. I don’t have ginger hair, I’ve never had ginger hair and I don’t intend to dye my hair ginger at any point so I don’t want ginger tones in my Blonde brow product! (Just to be clear, I have nothing against ginger hair – it is beautiful, in fact I have 2 children with red tones in their hair!). It really is annoying and as I said I find that this is the case with many brow products. So whilst I do quite like this product the colour lets me down and for that reason I have scored this a 71 for the catogory of Product.


Im not a fan of this packaging at all, I just think it looks really cheap with a big obvious sticker stuck around the tube. Also – as I mentioned above – it comes out quite clumpy on the wand and I think a better wand could potentially help to avoid that. I have scored this a measly 33 for Packaging.


You can pick the Eyelure Brow Amplifier up from Superdrug for £9.99. In my opinion that is a relatively mid level price – there’s definitely cheaper and there’s definitely more expensive. For the money it’s not a bad product and if the colour was right then I wouldn’t mind paying that sort of price for a product like this. I have scored this an 89 for Price.

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Rachel xoxo
With thanks to Emma Drury, who has very kindly provided all the graphics and branding you will see throughout the Brawl.