Blogger’s Beauty Brawl – Day 7

Day 7 of the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl is all about Primer and today I have chosen to review the Fushion Beauty Primer Results Anti Redness Primer.


This Fushion Beauty Primer is designed to reduce any redness that may occur on the face and as I do tend to suffer with redness around my nose I thought this would be a good one to try. My skin type is normal/oily and I think this primer may be better suited to dry/dehydrated skin because I just found this made me really oily throughout the day. As for the anti redness element of this primer, unfortunately I didn’t notice much of a different at all. All in all I didn’t particularly like this Primer at all and for that reason I have rated it just 45 out of 100.


The packing for this Primer is a pump top container and I quite like it. I think it’s very sleek and luxurious looking. I have scored this Primer an 86 for Packaging.


The Fushion Beauty Primer Results Anti Redness Primer is £18 and in my opinion it is not worth the price tag, there are most definitely better and more reasonable Primers available. I have given this a score of 30 for Price.

Now head over to and see what Kim chose and what she thought of it!Thanks for reading and don’t forget to pop back tomorrow for Day 8 of the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl 2017

Rachel xoxo
With thanks to Emma Drury, who has very kindly provided all the graphics and branding you will see throughout the Brawl.