Alienwork IK Timeless Watch Review

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve put a post up but I’m back and we are going to just jump straight back in with a review of a gorgeous watch that I was very kindly sent to review by a brand called Alienwork.

The watch is called the Alienwork IK Timeless Design Watch and it was advertised on Amazon at the time I received it at £32.99, although since then it has come down to £20 which is really a great price. It’s marketed as a unisex watch which I completely agree with because I just think it’s so sleek and classic looking it definitely looks good with any outfit on anyone, not that I’ve had a look in though because Chris very promptly claimed this as his own! It’s available in 4 colour ways – Black/Silver/Rose Gold/Blue and we chose the Black as I thought we would get the most out of it in that colour.

When the watch arrived and we opened up the box it was packaged in the little grey wallet – which feels almost like a fuzzy felt material – and that was inside a zip lock plastic case for protection. Over the face of the watch was a protective clear sticker to prevent any scratches during transit.

The watch itself is stainless steel and it has a metal clasp which can be slid up or down depending on if you need to shorten or lengthen the straps. We had to shorten them slightly and initially I struggled to unclip the clasp to slide it up but I passed it to Chris and he seemed to do it no problem so maybe I’m just a bit of a wimp!

The face of the watch has no numbers, it’s just lines in the places that would be increments of 5 as you would expect. The brand logo is very lightly printed on the face of the watch and it reminds me of the Calvin Klein ‘CK’ so I actually quite like that. I think it makes the watch look more expensive than it is.

Overall I think this is a lovely watch for the money and it’s perfect if your looking for an everyday watch that’s quite classy and expensive looking without the hefty price tag.

Rachel xoxo