Alienwork IK Timeless Watch Review

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve put a post up but I’m back and we are going to just jump straight back in with a review of a gorgeous watch that I was very kindly sent to review by a brand called Alienwork.

The watch is called the Alienwork IK Timeless Design Watch and it was advertised on Amazon at the time I received it at £32.99, although since then it has come down to £20 which is really a great price. It’s marketed as a unisex watch which I completely agree with because I just think it’s so sleek and classic looking it definitely looks good with any outfit on anyone, not that I’ve had a look in though because Chris very promptly claimed this as his own! It’s available in 4 colour ways – Black/Silver/Rose Gold/Blue and we chose the Black as I thought we would get the most out of it in that colour.

When the watch arrived and we opened up the box it was packaged in the little grey wallet – which feels almost like a fuzzy felt material – and that was inside a zip lock plastic case for protection. Over the face of the watch was a protective clear sticker to prevent any scratches during transit.

The watch itself is stainless steel and it has a metal clasp which can be slid up or down depending on if you need to shorten or lengthen the straps. We had to shorten them slightly and initially I struggled to unclip the clasp to slide it up but I passed it to Chris and he seemed to do it no problem so maybe I’m just a bit of a wimp!

The face of the watch has no numbers, it’s just lines in the places that would be increments of 5 as you would expect. The brand logo is very lightly printed on the face of the watch and it reminds me of the Calvin Klein ‘CK’ so I actually quite like that. I think it makes the watch look more expensive than it is.

Overall I think this is a lovely watch for the money and it’s perfect if your looking for an everyday watch that’s quite classy and expensive looking without the hefty price tag.

Rachel xoxo

Globenfeld Super Sport Watch Review

I was very kindly sent this watch in exchange for an honest review. This is the Globenfeld Super Sport Watch and it retails for £59.99 on Amazon. I confirmed the order of the watch on the Thursday afternoon and by Friday morning I had it in my hands, that’s great if this is going to be a gift for someone. I hate waiting ages for an item to be delivered and then worrying what I’m going to do if it doesn’t arrive in time!

Obviously this is a man’s watch so I passed it onto Chris to review. He has been wearing it and he let me know his thoughts. Firstly let’s talk about the packaging, the watch comes very well protected in a grey flip top box which makes it look very expensive in my opinion. It has some protective film over the surfaces to help stop it from getting scratched until you are ready to take it out and wear it. The Watch itself is Gunmetal in colour with 3 round digital dials on the face – 12/24hr function, stopwatch & alarm – then it also has a clock face around the outside. The deals and numbers are easy to read and the face of the Watch is a good size. The Watch bracelet was very large and Chris had to remove 5 links to be able to wear it, he found this very quick and easy to do himself although a local jewellers would have also done it for a small charge. The Watch itself is quite heavy and feels very robust, it’s definitely not the Watch for someone who doesn’t want to feel like they are wearing anything. Chris, however quite liked that about it saying it made him feel like the watch was more expensive than it was.

From the back the Watch fastens with a clasp and feels very secure, he had no issues with the Watch falling off and nor did it snag the skin or hairs on his arm which is something he has found on other watches in the past.

Our overall opinion of the Globenfeld Super Sport Watch is that it is very stylish as well as practical, the face is easy to read and tells you everything you need to know from a Watch. I would be very happy to purchase this Watch myself as a gift.

Thanks for reading!

Rachel (&Chris!) xoxo