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If you follow me on social media then you will know that last month I was chosen to be part of a 5 Blogger strong Blogging Squad for a company called The Soap Story. They sent me out a cool parcel full of goodies to try and I have been in love with them ever since! When the parcel popped through my door and I first opened it you can imagine my surprise to see my own face looking back at me! Such a nice little touch and I will definitely be keeping that as a momento. Anyway let’s get down to the important bit – the products – what did I receive and what do I think about them? 

The first thing that struck me about this brand is the packaging, I am normally all about that girly life but I am absolutely loving the comic book vibe coming from this brand. Everything looks so fun and exciting. It definitely catches my eye. It also caught the attention of my 7 year old, who I found rifling through the box one afternoon – he was promptly told to ‘get off, these are mummy’s’! I did let him have a share with me later on but at the time they were on my table waiting for me to take pictures of them and I have a strict no fingers before photos rule haha! Anyway after photos were taken over the next couple of weeks we all had a play with them and it didn’t take us very long to decide that we LOVE The Soap Story! 

The first thing that I pulled out of the box was the Rose & Lily Scented Soap. Now if I am being completely honest Rose is probably my least favourite scent of all time, however the fact that it was paired with Lily along with it not being too overly perfumed meant that actually I didn’t mind it too much at all. The Soap itself is so fun looking – stripey pink and with little white bits at the top for decoration. It lathered up really nicely and it seems to be lasting quite a while – we’ve had it in the bathroom pretty much since I received it, which was about 3 weeks ago and it’s still going strong. Considering the fact that my son is OBSESSSED with using it (he’s never washed his hands so much!) that’s pretty good going.

The next thing in the box was this Hand Cleansing Gel in Mandarin. I’m a huge fan of Antibacterial Hand Gels and I always have one in the baby bag to use after nappy changes so that is where this one went. The scent is A-MAZING! I love Orange scented products, fruity scents are my favourite and this one definitely didn’t disappoint. I think this is a really good size – it fits nicely into the pocket in my baby bag and I can easily grab it when I need it, it doesn’t take up too much room and yet I feel like it’s a bit larger than other hand gels I’ve had before so it’s going to last a decent amount of time. The product itself feels really nice on the skin, it’s not greasy at all, it disappears with ease into the skin leaving no residue and yet it’s not drying at all which is really good because obviously this product has alcohol in it which can be quite drying in some hand gels, but this is definitely not. It is made with moisturing sweet almond extract and is 100% vegan friendly. 

Next out of the box was the BANG! Jelly Soap and it is safe to say this one is my sons favorite. He found it absolutely hilarious that it kept slipping and sliding all over the place! The Jelly Soap I was sent was in a Peppermint scent, it’s really fresh and it’s great for waking you up in the morning. It’s also my fiancés scent of choice as it’s not too girly, it’s definitely one for the boys as well. This one has my favorite packaging out of them all as well – it has a great amount of information on it without overloading you with facts and it’s just so fun to look at! The Jelly itself is really easy to use, you just wet it and rub it around your body and I like the fact that it has the little pot to go back into so there’s no sticky residue all over the side of the shower. The little information sheet I was sent along side this suggests putting the Jelly in a sieve and running it under the bath tap to create a bubble bath! How awesome is that! The BANG! Soap Story Jelly is 100% vegan friendly.

Something else in the box that was a huge hit with my son was this Foam Soap. The scent I received was Sunrise which is a really fruity, fresh orange scent. This is a really versatile product that can be used as a soap at the sink or as a wash in the shower or even on your shower puff. I’m a big fan of Foam Soaps – it fasinates me how they start of as a liquid and then magically turn into a fruity foam when you push on the pump. We mainly used this in the shower and one pump was enough to do my full body with the help of a shower puff.  It really did create a luxurious, creamy foam that left me feeling clean and fresh. Again as with the majority of Soap Story products this is 100% vegan friendly.

The final item in my lovely Soap Story Package was the First Love Soap Sponge and I have to say, without a doubt, this was my favorite. It’s just so simple yet (in my humble opinion!) it’s absolute genius! It’s a bath sponge infused with a vegetable based glycerin soap IN the sponge. Genius!! The Soap Sponge I received has a really soft delicate fragrance, on the information sheet I was sent it is described as ‘baby powder, new love and ultimate comfort’ and I feel like that describes it perfectly. To use the sponge you simply hold it under the shower for a few seconds and gently massage your body releasing the soap inside. The more you use the sponge the softer it gets! And as you’d expect the First Love Soap Sponge is 100% vegan friendly. 

My overall opinion of The Soap Story as a company is definitely positive. Their products are inivative and fun. I love the packaging so much, I can’t think of anything else on the market that looks like it. It’s all just so bright and colourful and I love that everything is comic book style. The prices of the products I was sent are really reasonable and you definitely get a lot of use from each item so it’s well worth the money. I love the fact that a lot of things can be used in different ways depending on how you feel at the time. A lot of the products I was sent are available in other fragrances so if the scents I have mentioned above arn’t for you then I definitely recommend popping over to the website and seeing what other varieties are available and there’s endless other products available as well that I havn’t mentioned so make sure check those out too! 

I hope that you have found this review useful and as always I love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Rachel xoxo

DISCLAIMER — The products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for a review. Above is my honest opinion on these products.

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