Paigey Reviews! Babease Baby Plan Pouches 

I was very kindly contacted by Babease who offered to send me – or should I say Paige – a selection of their Babease Baby Plan Pouches to try out. Below is our honest review. 

Babease Baby Plan Pouches are a new range of organic baby foods full of vegetables, seeds, grains & pulses. On their website it says ‘Food for Babies, not Baby Food’. A quick read of the About Us page on the website tells me that they are passionate about making nutritious, tasty food that is kind enough to be eaten by tiny tummies. The recipes are Vegetable led and they focus on using premium quality organic ingredients – exactly what I want to hear as a mummy. 

My Package was very quickly sent out to me and once I had opened the box I found 5 Babease Baby Plan Pouches, an information sheet telling me about the company, a very handy canvas bag and a lovely little handwritten note. Now I will admit, when I first read the flavours on the packets I thought that they were going to be too adventurous for Paige as she can be a bit on the fussy side. 

The pouches are suitable from 7+ months and they are a lumpy consistency that is perfect for little mouths. Paige is 13 months old and she is past that stage in her weaning journey so my friend suggested using these as a pasta sauce for Paige and I thought that was the perfect idea because Paige is pasta mad! We started of using the butternut squash, quinoa and beetroot pouch and I added it to the cooked pasta and placed it down on Paige’s feeding tray – Paige just eats straight off her tray with her fingers at meal times because in our house food is fun, we don’t care about the mess it can always be cleaned up. Paige really seemed to enjoy it and she cleared her tray. Over the next few weeks we used up the rest of the Pouches in the same way – as pasta sauces and she had no problem wolfing down the lot. I would definitely say that these were a success in Paige’s opinion. As a mummy I do have one small dislike and that is with regards to the packaging. The Pouches come with a cardboard insert stating the flavour of the food inside and once you take that off – for me it was easier to squeeze out the contents without the cardboard on – the actual pouch underneath doesnt have the flavour written on it and as we were only using half a packet at a time & refrigerating I needed to know what was inside each pouch quickly. It wasn’t too bad as I could put the cardboard in the fridge with the packet but just for ease I would like to see the contents written on the actual pouch. 

Overall I really liked the Babease Baby Plan Pouches and I think Paige did too. 

You can purchase them from for £1.19 a pouch which is pretty average for a pouch of baby food in my opinion. I have definitely bought more expensive and they havnt been as nice. I have also heard from another mum that you can buy them in Boots although I havn’t looked myself so don’t shoot me if you cant! 

Thanks for reading ! 

Rachel ( & Paige! ) xoxo