I’ve Joined Slimming World !

Now, I know what you’re thinking ! ‘You’ve joined Slimming World right before Christmas ??! Are you mad ?!’ Well yes, I have and I’ll tell you why. I’ve joined now because why not ? Why put it off any longer ? Yes, I’m inevitably going to have some bad days because it’s Christmas, but I feel like if I’m making a conscious effort to also have good days then the damage won’t be as bad. I’d rather have a good Christmas BUT be aware of what I’m eating and have maybe an extra 3/4/5lb to lose than think ‘sod it’ and be an absolute pig & have an extra stone to lose in January. And so were doing it ! And by we I mean me & my lovely mummy friend Lea, as we decided to join together . Funnily enough we were on our way back from breakfast our with our babies when we decided enough was enough ! We walked past a Slimming World poster on the old library and just decided then and there we were joining up the next day. And we did ! That was 11 days ago. So fast forward to today & where am I at ? Well I had my first weigh in last Friday and I’d lost 4 & 1/2lb off my starting weight of 11st 1&1/2lb in my first week . I’m really happy with that and it’s a great start but it’s not enough ! I guess I should tell you a bit about my weight history …….

Up until I had my son at 27 I had always been a size 8-10 fluctuating between 8st 8lb & 8st 12lb and as I’m only 5’2 that’s about right for me. After Jenson was born I stayed at around 9st 4lb and whilst I felt a little bit flabby I was still relatively ok with that. Then when Jenson was just about to start Primary School I got gallstones & my weight dropped to 8st 5lb, which as you can imagine I was delighted with ! In 2015 I fell pregnant with Paige and I absolutely ballooned ! Then when I had Paige I decided to have the Implant put in without loosing my baby weight first and that was my mistake !! So that left me standing in an old library building, on a set of weighing scales, close to tears after reading that I had got so heavy. I literally weighed the heaviest I have ever weighed in my life. Well no more ! I have promised myself that I will get that weight off, there may be a few bumps in the road, or there may not, who knows ! But I will do it !! I WILL DO IT ! 

Rachel xoxo

4 thoughts on “I’ve Joined Slimming World !

  1. This is lovely ! Just started myself but just at home (can’t afford the group) and again before Christmas, because even if I only loose a small about in the next two weeks and over indulge Xmas week I will only gain what I have lost, can’t bear the thought of carrying on eating anything and adding more weight onto of what I akready was t to loose 🙂 good luck x